Experiential rooms

Warm hospitality

In the heart of Salento Puglia, in a small town halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, stands Corte dei Furesi: B&B born from the renovation of two old peasant houses in a wine-producing country in the Lands of Negroamaro.

Attention to detail

The name “Corte dei Furesi” was chosen to highlight the sense of belonging to the local culture: in fact the houses were owned by small farmers – in the local language called “Furesi”.


Authentic experiences

The inner courtyard, once a place for sharing and exchanging products from the garden or the report of the day in the fields, now becomes a small patch of Mediterranean scrub to enjoy the sun of Salento afternoons.

Homemade products

Corte dei Furesi welcomes you with the sobriety of the details and the relaxing atmosphere of its places and when you wake up it gives you a good morning with a breakfast full of fresh and local products.

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